Brett Kavanaugh invokes the most asinine defense strategy of all time

Now that Dr. Christine Blasey Ford has formally agreed to testify this week about her attempted rape allegation against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, he’s begun revealing his defense strategy. Well, perhaps we shouldn’t call it a “strategy” so much as “throwing random stupid things at the wall and hoping something just might stick.” In fact the first piece of evidence submitted by Kavanaugh is downright laughable.

Brett Kavanaugh has submitted the calendar that he kept for the year 1982. His argument is that he can’t have attended the party where the alleged incident occurred, because he didn’t have it listed on his calendar. For a moment we just assumed this was coming from The Onion, but no, it’s being reported by the New York Times. This is almost stunningly easy to pick apart.

For starters, what high school kid lists his parties on a calendar? If it were a formal banquet party, sure. But a house party involving five kids? That’s not something that anyone is going to put on a calendar. Then throw in the fact that this house party involved illegal underage drinking, and ask yourself what kid would be stupid enough to list it on his calendar, where his parents could see it. Also, what fifty-something year old guy still has his handwritten calendar from high school?

Not only does this calendar do literally nothing to help Brett Kavanaugh’s case, it suggests that he has no defense strategy at all. Hes simply going to deny everything, and it’ll be up to the Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee – two of whom are former prosecutors – to trip him up and expose him.