As the walls cave in, Donald Trump’s new White House hires become more ludicrous than ever

With Donald Trump’s behavior and judgment deteriorating by the day, the only thing left he could do that would still surprise us is if he hired his personal physician to run the VA, a former Disney Channel star to work on his media team, and a medieval history expert for his Trump-Russia legal team. So naturally, Trump has spent the week making precisely these moves. No really, these aren’t random punchlines, these are people he’s actually hired this week.

In fairness to Trump, in at least a few instances, he has tried to hire the right people. For instance he approached respected attorney Emmet Flood, who represented Bill Clinton during impeachment. This would have been a brilliant hire if it had worked out. But Flood didn’t want the job, which led Trump to interview a series of progressively less respectable candidates, before ultimately being turned down by a guy he saw on Fox News. In the end, after announcing via Twitter that he didn’t want anyone new on his legal team after all, changed his mind settled on hiring a lawyer named Andrew Ekonomou. He has no skills or experience relevant to the kinds of charges Trump is facing, but he did recently get a degree in medieval history. No, really.

Last night we saw the news come across the wire that Trump had hired former Disney Channel star Caroline Sunshine for a White House communications job, we suspected it might have been a hoax. But sure enough, this actually happened. Caroline studied politics and she’s completed two political internships, meaning she’s the very rare Trump hire who’s actually qualified for the job. However, based on his track record, we worry that he only hired her because she’s young and attractive, and we hope she has the sense to keep physical distance from him. Seriously.


Finally, Donald Trump seemed to be trying to one-up himself in the ludicrousness department today when he announced that his personal military physician, Dr. Ronny Jackson, would be the new VA Secretary. Jackson has absolutely no skills or qualifications for the job, but he did recently announce that Trump only weighed 239 pounds. Sadly, that’s probably the reason he got the gig. If you think Trump’s hires can’t get weirder than a medieval history expert, a Disney Channel star, and his own doctor, keep in mind that his judgment is deteriorating by the day – and it’s still only Wednesday.

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