The Arizona Republican Party just imploded

Over the past two years the Arizona Republican Party had morphed into a far right fascist extremist dumpster fire, spending much of its time condemning people like Cindy McCain. As a result, the Democrats have taken both of Arizona’s Senate seats, and won the state in the 2020 Presidential election.

Today the Arizona GOP had a chance to stop the proverbial bleeding. Its disastrous state chair Kelli Ward was up for reelection. All the GOP had to do was dump Ward and put a comparatively reasonable conservative in charge, and it might have had a chance at getting back in the game. Instead the Arizona GOP imploded today when it narrowly reelected Ward, thus ensuring that it’s going to continue losing elections for the next few years.

To give you an idea of just how astoundingly out of touch the Arizona Republican Party has become, Ward used a video endorsement from Donald Trump, the most widely despised man in America, to win reelection. This means the Arizona GOP has decided to finish itself off just to remain loyal to the ghost of Trump past.


Remarkably, Kelli Ward and the Arizona GOP are such far right loons, they keep attacking their own Republican Governor Doug Ducey. At this rate the ongoing feud between Ward and Ducey could end up handing the Democrats the race for Governor in Arizona in 2022.

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