Donald Trump gets ripped to pieces at Aretha Franklin’s funeral

When Aretha Franklin passed away earlier this month, Donald Trump tried to take credit for her by insisting that she “worked for me on numerous occasions.” This was quickly proven false, but Trump never did admit that he’d made the whole thing up. Aretha’s funeral was held today, and let’s just say that it didn’t go particularly well for Trump, from top to bottom.

President Bill Clinton spoke at Aretha Franklin’s funeral, but kept his remarks non-political. It was a different story, however, when some of the other speakers took to the stage. Michael Eric Dyson referred to Donald Trump as a “lugubrious leach” during his remarks, adding “You dopey doppelganger of deceit and deviance, she ain’t work for you, she worked above you. She worked beyond you.”

Dyson also referred to “President Clinton and her husband, Bill,” a clear reference to Hillary Clinton having been the legitimate winner of an election that Trump and Russia rigged against her. Al Sharpton also ripped into Donald Trump during his remarks at the service. Of course Trump has been having troubles with funerals left and right of late.

Before his death, Senator John McCain asked President Barack Obama and President George W. Bush to deliver the eulogies at his funeral in Washington, while also making clear that Donald Trump was not invited. Vice President Joe Biden was also invited to speak at McCain’s service in Arizona. This comes after Trump was famously not invited to the British royal wedding. It’s clear that no one wants Trump anywhere near their most important days.