President Joe Biden’s approval numbers are off the charts

Presidents usually enter office with an approval rating well above fifty percent, only for it to fall off as time goes on. Donald Trump was the rare exception who entered office with a low approval rating in the forties; he never did recover. So it’s crucial that President Joe Biden hit the ground running in terms of popularity.

Sure enough, Biden entered office this past week with an approval rating in the high sixties. That’s a great start for him. The tricky part is what happens after a new President begins carrying out a political agenda, and risks quickly losing support.

But thus far that isn’t happening for Biden. In fact his first-week initiatives are generally polling very highly. Check out these ABC News poll numbers that pollster Matt McDermott tweeted:

If you average all of those numbers together, they come out to about 68%. This means that about two-thirds of the country not only supports President Biden, but also supports the specific agenda he’s pushing forward with. It means Biden has an opportunity to continue pushing forward with an aggressive agenda in the coming weeks and months, accomplishing as much as possible during his honeymoon period. We predict Biden will do precisely that.

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