Donald Trump goes totally berserk about Anthony Scaramucci of all people

Five million Americans have now caught the coronavirus, the death toll is well into six figures, the economy is in shambles, and America is falling apart. Even if Trump doesn’t care about any of that, you’d think he’d be focused on the fact that he’s losing this election badly, and he’s headed to prison in New York if he doesn’t turn things around.

Instead, Trump has decided that the most pressing matter on his agenda right now is Anthony Scaramucci. Wait, what? No really, Trump is now spending the evening ranting on Twitter about his former White House Communications Director, who has since turned sharply against him. This is all because the Mooch went on TV tonight and dared to criticize Trump, and apparently Trump was watching.

This means that when you picture a lethargic Donald Trump lying in bed watching Fox News at his golf resort and rage tweeting about what’s on his screen, you’re picturing things with perfect accuracy. He really is that much of a joke.

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