Another one just found out the hard way

Another anti-vax media personality has fornicated around and found out the hard way. This time it’s Doug Kuzma, a podcaster known for his anti-vaccine stance and former guy support, who came down with COVID after attending a Qanon bund meeting (aka the “Reawaken America” tour) in Dallas, Texas. After he became ill Kuzma’s assistant reached out to disgraced attorney Lin Wood for help. After Kuzma’s lungs did not respond to treatment, he was placed on a ventilator on Christmas.

Of course, some members of the Qanon are spreading bullshit that Kuzma and others who attended the bund meeting are suffering symptoms of an anthrax attack. While some symptoms of anthrax infection are similar to those of COVID, there is no hard evidence that Kuzma or his fellow anti-vaxxers suffered such an attack. I think it’s just the latest way for the anti-vax/mask crowd to say that it’s not their fault that they are sick and taking up valuable medical resources.


I’m very much of two minds about Kuzma being put on a ventilator. I hope he gets the help he needs and gets well soon. At the same time, Kuzma and thousands of other anti-vax people brought this upon themselves and are stretching our healthcare systems to the breaking point all over the country due to their refusal to get vaccinated. I’m honestly to the point where I think that if a person refuses a vaccine without good cause (and yes there are good medical reasons for not getting vaccinated including blood disorders), then those people should go to the back of the line. People who follow the fornicating rules and got vaccinated should not have to pay the price when they need medical assistance due to the selfishness of others.

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