Donald Trump’s presidency will forever be regarded as one of the lowest points in United States history. That’s already been clear for some time now. It’s been so full of embarrassing moments it’s been difficult to keep track of them all. But Wednesday’s stunt, which saw Trump send a couple dozen of his House Republican allies into a secure SCIF to try to stop an impeachment witness from testifying, will go down as one of the lowest.

As far as we’re concerned, this was something of an attempted coup. The fact that it was an idiotic plot, and the fact that it failed, don’t change the fact that these House Republicans were committing felonies in an attempt preventing the elected government of the United States from functioning. In addition to being criminal, the whole thing was just incredibly lowbrow. Congressman Ro Khanna witnessed the scene himself, and when he appeared on MSNBC on Wednesday night, he described it like this:

It was a scene not in the United States but at a fraternity. You had about twenty Republicans come in, they were yelling, they were basically disrupting the entire proceedings. They brought in their phones into the SCIF, which everyone knows is against the law. And then they started ordering pizza. There were pizza boxes strewn all over the SCIF. They didn’t clean up. It was really just an embarrassment. It’s almost out of the Animal House movie.

In other words, the stunt was equal parts criminal in nature and boorish in nature. If that doesn’t sum up the essence of Donald Trump’s failed presidency, nothing does.

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