Donald Trump’s stunt against Andrew McCabe just blew up in his face

Awhile back, the Donald Trump regime leaked a story to the media that made it look like former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was being criminally indicted in relation to his handling of the Trump-Russia investigation. This was an outrage, as McCabe has plainly done nothing wrong, and it was a clear cut attempt at retaliation on Trump’s part. It also turns out to have apparently been 100% false.

Andrew McCabe, who was already working to get his job back with a wrongful termination suit, responded to the news by going into court and essentially demanding that the Trump regime either show proof he’s being indicted or admit that he’s been cleared. The judge in the case ended up giving the Trump regime a short window of time to either indict McCabe, or turn over all records in relation to its investigation into McCabe. Now it’s gotten even uglier.

Faced with having to admit that there is no case against McCabe, and having to turn over its own records which will surely reveal that McCabe was improperly targeted to begin with, the Trump regime is now basically trying to drop the whole thing. Accordingly, Politico says that the judge is now demanding that the Trump regime explain what’s really going on here.

The Trump regime opened this can of worms in an attempt at petty revenge against Andrew McCabe – and that can of worms is blowing up in Donald Trump’s face. The judge is clearly angry about what’s transpired here, and isn’t simply going to let it go. Moreover, this whole fiasco should help give McCabe a major boost in his wrongful termination suit. We could see McCabe getting his FBI job back right around the time Donald Trump is being criminally indicted.

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