Anderson Cooper has got some nerve

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I’ll give Anderson Cooper this: he’s got nerve. Apparently, CNN had a bit of buyer’s remorse over their doomed town hall with donald trump. This is because all holy hell broke loose the day after, with CNN’s credibility largely seen as having been destroyed.

So it stands to reason CNN would cast their eyes about for SOMEONE — Someone likable, someone unobtrusive, someone just dishwater-bland enough to play the role of “company man” and issue some heartfelt apologies — sort of. And they found their guy in Anderson Cooper.

Coop, looking a bit like he was in a hostage situation (which he likely was), started his show with what was obviously supposed to be a heartfelt attempt at two words: Damage control.

Instead, it looked more like intellectual snobbery at its peak. Look, I’ll state right now I like Coop. He’s sort of like a kitten, at times playful, often sweet, and even a bit cuddly. Coop is everybody’s buddy, one of the few pundits who stays out of the political firestorm. Until the other night.

“You have every right to be outraged today,” a glum-looking Coop said.

“And never watch this network again.”

Well – he got THAT right.

Then came the always dreaded word:


“But do you think staying in your silo and only listening to people you agree with is going to make that person go away?”

Note to readers: beware of CNN pundits using the word “Silo.”

Cooper also said the CNN town hall audience is “your family members, your neighbors, and they are voting”. They are half the country, added Coop.

May I ask a rhetorical question? Who came up with this “half the country” bullshit? Up until about a week ago, it was “the Trump base is very small: which it is. Suddenly, according to Coop and Licht, it’s half the country. They are conflating “republicans” with “Maga.” In reality, no, half the country does NOT cheer on sexual assault Coop. I sense a bit of brainwashing, Coop. You should be on guard.

Well – I suppose Coop had no choice. Licht perhaps ordered him? Or begged him? Who knows. Who really cares? But I know this much. Coop proved with this non-intellectually stimulating hostage non-apology that the kitten has claws, after all. And like any cat, when he uses his claws, he gets push-back — hard push-back:

“Et tu, Anderson?”

“They got to Anderson!”

” Oh, no, not him too!”

I don’t blame Anderson for doing this. But if anything, he made it worse.

“Damage control,” millions whispered.

Yeah, but, like with everything they do, CNN screwed that up too. In the meantime, back to my “silo,” I suppose. Note to Coop: Don’t quit your day job to be a Licht spokesperson. We really do like you the way you are — or were, until the other night.

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