Anderson Cooper blurts out “Oh my God” after learning the real reason for Donald Trump’s deranged military stunt

This evening Donald Trump had the U.S. military fire tear gas on peaceful protesters outside the White House, so he could give an idiotic speech and then walk across the street and take a photo outside St. John’s church. Now Trump’s real motivation is surfacing, and let’s just say that it’s about as small minded as you might have expected.

While Anderson Cooper was hosting his CNN show tonight, one of his guests reported on air that Trump staged the entire stunt of walking to the church solely because he didn’t like how he’d been mocked for hiding in an underground bunker. When Cooper heard the news, he blurted out “Oh my God” and then added “We’re in trouble.”

Anderson Cooper is speaking for us all. Donald Trump has virtually no muscle left at this point, and he can’t send the military to the states without the approval of the governors, which he doesn’t have. But all that said, Trump is an increasingly unhinged maniac who’s unraveling in real time, even as the nation is barely holding itself together.

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