An embarrassment of riches

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I’m old enough to remember when I was actually worried that US District judge Aileen Cannon might be so Trump-happy as to screw up Jack Smith’s prosecution of Donald Trump. Now I barely give a crap about Aileen Cannon. In fact, she can have the whole damned trial. We’ve now got Trump trials to burn. For example, Donald Trump has just been handed a RICO charge in the state of Georgia, and that’s more than enough to put him away for the rest of his life.

Don’t get me wrong, I have empathy for the men and women who are now devoted to prosecuting Donald Trump in four (count ‘em, FOUR!) jurisdictions. But my main goal is to see Donald Trump in prison, and I’m not all that bothered how he gets there or why or which prosecutor puts him there. I only want him there as soon as possible, and I want him there for life.

No prosecution of Trump thus far is more personally satisfying to me than the one brought in Georgia by Fani Willis. It is a masterpiece of prosecutorial burden discharge and — this is the best part! — the whole trial is going to be televised!.

Fani Willis gave herself the burden of proving that Donald Trump is the mastermind of a criminal organisation, and she met that burden with startling clarity and documented perfection — in just under 100 pages. It’s a delight to read. But then, so are the three other indictments of Trump.

Four total indictments I say? Yes, that’s right. Let’s review, shall we? First, there was the 34 count indictment brought by New York County District Attorney Alvin Bragg in the case related to illegal abuse of campaign finance hush money used in the bribery of Stormy Daniels. Second there are the two Jack Smith federal prosecutions. The first comprised 40 criminal counts for top secret document theft. The second comprised 4 criminal counts related to Trump’s attempt to overthrow the 2020 election. Next there’s the 13 counts related to Trump’s criminal organisation’s attempt to overthrow the 2020 election results in Georgia.

I find it handy to think of the four criminal indictments in terms of playing cards: one king, two jacks and a queen. For a grand total of 91 very serious felony counts.

Donald Trump is in very, very serious trouble, and he has absolutely no one but himself to blame. As I’ve said before in the pages of Palmer Report many times, Stormy Daniels aside, Trump’s criminal legal problems relate to his last month in office. All he had to do after he lost the election in November of 2020 was shut up and go home and return any documents the National Archives told him to return and he’d be home free. The stormy Daniels complaint probably would have never been brought. But no, he had to screw it up and now he’s paying for it with his life.

And no, Trump is not in trouble because Joe Biden is out to get him. Joe Biden has nothing to do with this. Four separate grand juries heard a parade of Republican witnesses against Trump, and they — entirely independent of Joe Biden or the Democrats — decided to bring charges against Trump. And if he’s found guilty it will be because 48 men and women across four juries unanimously decided he was guilty.

Again: this has nothing to do with Joe Biden. That’s just a lie, and the lawyers telling that lie to the suckers and losers who believe them know it’s a lie. Trump’s pending criminal trials are all his very own doing.

This year began with no prosecutions of Trump. Now we have an embarrassment of riches of prosecutions of Trump. There are so many indictments and so many criminal counts I don’t see how Trump will have time for anything else.

And because Trump is a complete fool who can’t help shooting off his stupid, thuggish mouth, I fully expect him to spend much of the remainder of 2023 and most of 2024 in jail awaiting trial. I couldn’t be happier, and I’ll bet you can’t either. And, as ever, ladies and gentlemen, brothers and sisters, comrades and friends, stay safe.

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