America’s coward

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There are many things people do to attain internal harmony — too many to count. Some people meditate or do yoga. Others hike or go fishing or camping. Some such as I listen to the timeless ebb and flow of the sea’s waves. Still, others take walks, run marathons, paint pictures, sketch and draw and take photographs and listen to beautiful music.

And some hear God’s calling. And what they hear is God whispering — we need YOU. We need a man with your moral strength, with your purity of character. We need YOU, Mike Pence. This is what former Vice president and residential coward Mike Pence claims he heard — from the Lord himself.

“God’s calling.” Pence spoke to Joel Rosenberg, an evangelical leader, to talk about his plans to run or not to run for President. And Pence said he was listening — listening for the calling to run, listening for the murmurings of God to tell him what to do.

And he told Rosenberg that for the last couple of decades, all he has really wanted is to act on whatever calling there is for him. “God’s calling,” Pence said. And Pence said 2024 would call for a new style of leadership, one that is grounded in the Trump/Pence presidency. VOMIT ALERT.

I am sorry, friends and readers, to subject you to those torturous words from America’s coward. Is it OK that I call him that? For that is what he is. Mike Pence hears nothing from God. This is because God –if one believes in him — would probably not have the patience or inclination to deal with Michael Pence.

And were God to whisper to him, he might be more inclined to ask him to tell the truth about January sixth. AND God might just perhaps ask Pence why he is running like the coward he is from Jack Smith. Of course, he wouldn’t say it like that. God is, above all, a fair arbitrator for good.

And Mikey Pence sure likes to invoke God . He wants to talk about God — when it’s convenient for him. So where was God when you made that call to Dan Quayle, Mikey instead of phoning the FBI?

I don’t understand. Did God perhaps take a nap that day? Did God have far too much on his plate to talk to you? And why is God only there when it’s something YOU want — like power?

Where is God all those OTHER times like when you have to come face to face with your own conscience? Where’s God, then? Mike Pence is a complete fraud, but you know what? I kind of wish he would be the nominee.

It would be like taking candy from a baby. We’d win so easily. But alas. It seems God has not told Mikey the harshest of all the harsh truths — that his presidential run is over before it even begins.

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