Donald Trump is now talking about having people shot

A few weeks ago Palmer Report joked that, after Rudy Giuliani had screwed up for the umpteenth time, Donald Trump was going to delusionally order his underlings to feed Rudy to the alligators. We were kidding, of course. But now we’re learning that Trump really has been telling his advisers that he wants to feed people to alligators, and he’s apparently dead serious.

In a lengthy new expose from the New York Times that’s somehow not from The Onion, it turns out Donald Trump is telling his advisers that he wants U.S. law enforcement to shoot would-be immigrants in the leg. He also keeps pushing the idea of building a border trench full of snakes and alligators. As proof that he’s not merely joking, he made his advisers go as far as studying what this alligator trench would cost.

Again, this is coming from the New York Times, so it’s real. More to the point, the only possible sources for this expose are Donald Trump’s own advisers, which means they’re so concerned about his deteriorating mindset, they’re sounding the alarm by running to the nation’s most respected newspaper and revealing Trump’s most deranged plans.

Again, last month we joked about Donald Trump telling his advisers to start feeding people to the alligators, because we thought it was such an absurdly over the top idea – even by Trump standards – it would be seen as pure sarcasm. Now it turns out Trump really is doing precisely that behind the scenes. It’s time for the 25th Amendment.

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