Allen Weisselberg prepares to burn Donald Trump and his family to the ground

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Michael Cohen mentioned the name Allen Weisselberg so many times during his public testimony yesterday, we lost count. There’s a reason for that. While Cohen carried out specific acts of mostly brute-force fraud on Donald Trump’s behalf, Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg cooked the books for all of Trump’s financial fraud. Sure enough, as of this afternoon it’s now officially Weisselberg’s time in the spotlight – and we already know how he’s going to play this.

Chairman Adam Schiff and the House Intelligence Committee just finished interviewing Michael Cohen behind closed doors today, his third go-round in three days. Immediately afterward, the committee told NBC News that it’s subpoenaing Allen Weisselberg to testify. It’s not yet clear if that testimony will be public or private, but the key is that Weisselberg has already shown he’s willing to sell out Team Trump in order to save himself. In fact he’s already done it.

One of the things that prompted Michael Cohen to plead guilty was the immunity deal that the SDNY had given to Allen Weisselberg in exchange for his cooperation. Weisselberg had the goods on everyone in the Trump Organization, and he was forking over evidence of crimes that Donald Trump and Michael Cohen were conspiring together on, and Cohen could see he had no chance of winning at trial.

The thing is, Allen Weisselberg is locked into that cooperating immunity deal. He can’t just stop cooperating, or the deal is off, and he gets criminally charged too. In fact it’s nearly a given that Weisselberg has already turned over all of the incriminating Trump Organization financial records to prosecutors, or they’d have revoked his deal by now. This means Weisselberg has already torched Donald Trump, along with every member of the Trump family who has committed crimes in relation to the Trump Organization.

So when Allen Weisselberg shows up to testify before the House Intel Committee, he’s not going to be a hostile witness. He’s already sold out the entire Trump family in order to save himself. He’ll give the committee all the Trump dirt that prosecutors are ready for Congress and/or the public to find out about. Even though it may not be a complete list, it’ll be far more extensive than the few bombs that Michael Cohen was able to drop on Trump. Weisselberg has always been the key to Trump’s domestic crimes, and now he’s coming front and center.

Palmer Report has the smartest and savviest audience in all of politics. Contribute $25 now and we can win it all: Donate now!