Ali Alexander hits the panic button after testifying to the January 6th Committee

“Stop the Steal” organizer Ali Alexander recently came out of hiding and announced his intention to cooperate with the January 6th Committee because (in his words) he didn’t want to go to prison for contempt. Then after several hours of testimony, he emerged and told the cameras that he and Donald Trump were innocent. But the committee didn’t publicly state any dissatisfaction with his testimony, so it left us wondering just how cooperative he was.

Now Alexander is hitting the panic button. His lawyers are revealing that he admitted to the committee that he spoke by phone with House Republican Paul Gosar, and texted with House Republican Mo Brooks. The kicker is that his lawyers have revealed this information in a lawsuit they’ve filed to try to block Verizon from turning over his phone records to the January 6th Committee. Oops.

So what’s this guy trying to do here? Logically speaking, he’d only want to keep his own phone records suppressed if he’s either 1) lying to the committee about his phone records, or 2) afraid his phone records will incriminate him. Then again, this suit is guaranteed to quickly fail, so it could just be an attempt on his part at giving off the public appearance that he’s fighting against the committee, even as he seemingly cooperated behind the scenes. Even more strangely, Politico says Alexander turned over all of his texts – so why is he taking legal action to block his carrier from turning them over?

Ali Alexander better be careful here. Mark Meadows already learned the hard way that partial or aborted cooperation with the committee is still grounds for being referred for criminal contempt. Alexander is making a panic move here. But is it because he’s afraid of what he said to the committee, or because he’s afraid Trump world will find out what all he said to the committee?


In any case, if Alexander’s phone records do indeed implicate the likes of Gosar and Brooks, then it’s all going to come out before much longer one way or the other. And if Alexander is being untruthful or uncooperative in any aspect of this, then he’s headed to prison for contempt. Alexander’s only chance of surviving this is if he’s being fully truthful and cooperative – in which case he’d need to give up everyone else.

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