Aiding and abetting

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In the shadows of the night, the evil eats away at them. I refer to psychopaths. Psychopaths are the ultimate monsters. Their behavior involves “extensive callous and manipulative self-serving behaviors with no regard for others.” Donald Trump is a psychopath.

At least, according to a retired clinical professor at Harvard Medical School, Dr. Lance Dodes, he is. What Dodes said is that Trump “lacks a conscience to limit his sadism” and is “an extreme outlier in human psychology.”

Norm Ornstein, a scholar at the American Enterprise Institute and contributor to The Atlantic, also expressed similar thoughts. He referred to Trump as a “lifelong narcissist am sociopath, and psychopath.”

He also talked about the dangerous arguments of “normalization”, which he says most mainstream media do with Donald Trump. All of this is true, and by gosh, is it great to hear!

I remain implacable in my belief that Trump’s malignant narcissism, senility, insane mind games, and crime sprees should be on the front pages of every paper, all day, every day. They are not. To minimize is to aid and abet. I am not so sure many pundits understand this. They need to.

Call this a warning if you like, but the biggest threat to Democratic victory in 2024 isn’t the sociopath Donald Trump – it is ALL the deniers, ALL the minimizer’s, and all of the fools who choose to focus on things that don’t matter. while ignoring things that do.

They do this while ignoring that Trump( and many more republicans), my friends, many more — are psychopaths — heedless of the repercussions of their never-ending selfish actions.

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