Donald Trump senior White House adviser resigns as everything falls apart

Donald Trump’s White House has always been a revolving door when it comes to personnel. So many Trump advisers have resigned in protest, resigned amid controversy, been fired amid scandal, or been criminally indicted, we’ve lost count. In fact most of the people who leave don’t even get replaced, meaning Trump essentially has a skeleton crew at the White House.

Now the small pool of people surrounding Donald Trump is getting even smaller. White House senior adviser Kevin Hassett – best known for periodically going on television and saying stupid things on Trump’s behalf – is now resigning, according to CBS News. This is kind of a big deal, because Trump trusted Hassett enough to let him speak for him.

Of course Hassett is the one who predicted six weeks ago that coronavirus deaths were going to follow a “cubic model” and magically stay low; we’ve all seen how poorly that gibberish prediction ended up working out. At this point Trump has very few senior advisers left. Not that he listens to them anyway. This isn’t just the most corrupt and evil regime in U.S. history; it’s also the most dysfunctional.

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