Donald Trump admits the evidence seized in the Michael Cohen raid is against him

Now that the Trump-Russia criminal investigation is increasingly playing out in courtrooms, a new reality is in play. Winning a legal argument in front of a judge often requires acknowledging things that are losing arguments in the court of public opinion. Even as Donald Trump rants and raves about the FBI raid against his “attorney” Michael Cohen, Trump’s legal team is making some eyebrow raising admissions in front of the judge.

We already know that the search warrant for the raid specifically named Donald Trump, and authorized the FBI agents to seize communications between Cohen and Trump. This told us that the judge who signed off on the warrant believed those communications would expose evidence of a criminal conspiracy between Trump and Cohen, as opposed to merely consultations between a client and attorney. This means that if communications between Trump and Cohen really did end up being seized during the raid, it’s really bad news for them both.

Now we know that this did indeed happen. This comes thanks to Trump’s own legal team, which is now arguing in court that Trump has a legal right to be an “intervenor” when it comes to the seized communications. By making this argument, Trump’s team is admitting that the seized communications are indeed between Trump and Cohen. The judge granted the motion, because Trump does have the right to a legal stake in the evidence against him.

We’ve now reached the point where Donald Trump and his legal team are no longer all that worried about the sake of appearances, because they no longer have a choice. They marched into court and admitted that the seized evidence is against Trump, because they had to from a legal perspective, even knowing full well that their acknowledgment would become public. So now we know the Feds did indeed score big against Trump with their raid against Cohen.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report