Adam Schiff takes a blowtorch to Mick Mulvaney

On Saturday, OMB official Mark Sandy broke ranks and testified behind closed doors to the House impeachment inquiry. This was a major blow to Donald Trump, as Sandy was involved with the money trail in the Ukraine extortion scandal. It was an even bigger blow to Mick Mulvaney, who is still the OMB Director in addition to being Trump’s Acting White House Chief of Staff.

Mick Mulvaney now has a problem, because after he publicly confessed to Donald Trump’s quid pro quo, he refused to come in and explain things to the House impeachment inquiry – and now one of his underlings has done it for him. Now that Mulvaney’s window of opportunity to come in from the cold has come and gone, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff is taking a blowtorch to him.

Adam Schiff released a statement calling out Mick Mulvaney for refusing to testify, and for trying to block others like Mark Sandy from testifying. Schiff then added this: “This is the same Mick Mulvaney who publicly admitted from the White House podium that Trump withheld the military aid in order to pressure Ukraine to conduct investigations meant to help the President’s re-election campaign, and the same Mick Mulvaney who was a direct firsthand participant in and witness to the scheme.”

We suspect Adam Schiff is zeroing in on Mick Mulvaney right now as a way of signaling to him that he’s been fully nailed by the testimony of Mark Sandy and others. It’s difficult to imagine a scenario in which Mulvaney doesn’t go to prison after Trump is gone, and Schiff appears to be letting Mulvaney know that his time is up to cut a plea deal.

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