Details revealed of Adam Schiff’s plan to completely dismantle Donald Trump

Even as Chairman Jerry Nadler and the House Judiciary Committee takes the lead on de facto impeachment hearings against Donald Trump involving cooperating witnesses like Robert Mueller and Don McGahn, Chairman Adam Schiff and the House Intelligence Committee are taking the lead on exposing the Trump-Russia scandal. New details just surfaced about Schiff’s plan, and they reveal that he plans to completely dismantle Trump.

Earlier this week the Daily Beast reported that Adam Schiff and the House Intel Committee has hired a former FBI financial crimes chief to investigate Trump. Then last night Rachel Maddow reported that Schiff has also hired three former U.S. Attorneys and an investigator who speaks Russian. Schiff is a former prosecutor himself, so it’s not surprising that he would want to assemble this kind of prosecutorial firepower. But these specific details help point to where this is headed.

Various House committees are probing various aspects of Donald Trump’s finances, but the House Intel Committee is specifically focused on Trump’s financial ties to foreign nations and foreign entities. By hiring such an A-list financial crimes investigator, Schiff is revealing that he intends to expose the money trail between Donald Trump and other nations, even though Robert Mueller apparently didn’t go there. The addition of the Russian-speaking investigator tips off that Schiff is going deep into the Trump-Russia connection.

Meanwhile, the addition of three former U.S. Attorneys suggests that Adam Schiff is planning to build a de facto federal criminal case against Donald Trump, which could then be served up to the Department of Justice once Trump is gone so he can be prosecuted for what Schiff finds. One big thing to keep in mind: although these hires are being reported now, they may have already been on the job for awhile. Schiff has had control of the committee for the past four months. The only reason to reveal these hires now is that some aspect of their work is about to become public-facing.

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