Adam Schiff slam dunks Donald Trump’s lackey Mitch McConnell

Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff has just become the Chairman of the powerful House Intelligence Committee, and very soon he’ll use his position to begin airing all of Donald Trump’s Russia dirty laundry during nationally televised hearings. In the meantime, Schiff is aiming his cannons in a different direction: down the hall at the Republican leader of the Senate.

Last night every House Democrat, along with a few House Republicans, voted to reopen the federal government without any funding for Donald Trump’s idiotic border wall. There appear to be enough votes in the Senate to pass the continuing resolution as well. Then it’ll be up to Trump whether he wants to try vetoing the measure, which would ensure that the shutdown hangs squarely around his neck. The trouble: Republican Senate Majority Leader, a corrupt criminal who will be lucky if the Trump-Russia scandal doesn’t land him in prison, is refusing to allow the Senate to even vote on it.

For his part, Adam Schiff isn’t having any of it. Today he unloaded on McConnell, tweeting “Attention Senator McConnell: It is time to re-open the government. The House just passed funding bills the Senate already supported. Hundreds of thousands of workers are going without pay. It is time to put country over loyalty to Trump. It is time to show leadership.”

It’s not clear what Mitch McConnell will do next. But with the Republican rank and file in the House and Senate increasingly trying to run away from Donald Trump’s sinking ship for fear of going down with it, before long this fight could be just McConnell and Trump against everyone else. Considering that Trump and McConnell have dirt on each other that can put them both in prison, how long before they turn on each other?

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