Donald Trump humiliates himself on national television during 60 Minutes interview

When the news surfaced earlier this week that Donald Trump had walked out during his 60 Minutes interview, it raised questions about just how ugly of a tantrum he must have thrown. He then posted bootleg footage of the interview online, but it wasn’t clear if it might have been doctored or deceptively edited.

Now the official 60 Minutes interview has aired on CBS tonight, and it’s turned out to be every bit as embarrassing for Donald Trump as we expected it would be. While interviewer Lesley Stahl did a solid job, her questions weren’t all that tough, and it certainly shouldn’t have been enough to fluster him. If the President of the United States couldn’t handle these questions about his record and his own past statements, then he certainly can’t handle tough decisions or foreign leaders.

But there was Donald Trump, whining and whining (and whining) about how tough and unfair the questions were, only to get up and walk out after his own people told him there were still five minutes to go. Trump can’t take the heat. He can’t handle the pressure. And now everyone who watched 60 Minutes tonight got to see just how weak and fragile he is.

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