Donald Trump suddenly has a 27% problem

Sometimes we get a little too hung up on Donald Trump’s base. Election-wise, they’re irrelevant. They didn’t get Trump elected to begin with, and they won’t get him elected again, because they’re not large enough. The people outside Trump’s base, who have only ever passively supported him, will decide his fate – not his core base of idiots.

That said, Trump’s base is so stupid, so ignorant, so delusional, we can’t help but be drawn to watching them like a train wreck. So when new polling surfaced today which showed that 27% of Americans think Trump is a man of faith, most observers missed the point entirely. They asked how it’s possible that 27% of the country is deranged enough to view this violent blasphemous monster as a man of faith. While that’s a question worth pondering, it’s not the important number in this poll.

This same poll says that 55% of Americans believe Trump is not a man of faith, with the rest being unsure. In other words, barely a fourth of Americans think Trump is good Christian, while a majority of Americans think he’s a fake Christian. Considering how much time and effort Trump has invested in trying to sell everyone on the notion that he’s an evangelical Christian, this is a stunning failure for him.

The numbers are also ugly for Donald Trump when this same poll zeroes in on respondents who consider themselves to be Christians. Only about one-third of them see Trump as a Christian, while half of them believe he’s not one. So if Trump has been counting on the churches to brainwash their attendees into believing he’s a Christian, that hasn’t been happening.

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