Joe Biden gets 100% of the vote in Dixville Notch

The tiny township of Dixville Notch has kicked off Election Day at the stroke of midnight, with just five people voting. The results are merely symbolic and they don’t tend to be particularly predictive. But in what is nonetheless a fascinating development, Joe Biden has gotten 100% of the vote there.

Notably, this included one lifelong Republican who made a point of voting for Joe Biden as a way of repudiating what the Republican Party has turned into. This same voter appears to have split his ticket, voting to reelect the Republican Governor of New Hampshire.


For comparison, Hillary Clinton won Dixville Notch in 2016 by a 4-2 margin over Donald Trump, and we know how that election went. But as the fictional West Wing once explained, the results from places like Dixville Notch end up being the only Election Day votes already announced while everyone else is out voting – and in this case a headline like Joe Biden unanimously winning in Dixville Notch can’t hurt.

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