Preet Bharara rubs it in after Special Counsel appointed against Donald Trump

Donald Trump may have won the battle by firing U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara in an attempt at staving off his own Russia scandal, but it now very much looks like Bharara is winning the war. After a Special Counsel was appointed on Wednesday evening to investigate the Trump-Russia scandal, Bharara weighed in on the development in a thoughtful manner – and then he made a point of rubbing it in.

After the news broke that widely respected former FBI Director Robert Mueller had been appointed Special Counsel, Preet Bharara weighed in via his Twitter account: “Having known him for years, I believe special counsel Mueller is a very good thing. He is one of the best — independent and no-nonsense.”

Then Bharara went on to further vouch for Robert Mueller’s integrity: “Reminder: Mueller was FBI Director when he & then-DAG James Comey together intervened at Ashcroft’s bedside in 2004 & threatened to resign.”

He also added that it was a “good sign” that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein didn’t give Trump or his White House any time to meddle in the Special Prosecutor appointment:

And then finally, Preet Bharara decided to rub in that Trump’s attempt at protecting himself by firing everyone had backfired:

Yeah, we’re awarding this round to Preet.

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