Turn out the lights: Donald Trump’s senior White House staffers have begun circulating resumes

There are few more sure signs of a sinking ship than when the people helping to steer that ship begin planning their exit strategies. Based on multiple reports today, Donald Trump’s senior staff have begun circulating their resumes in the hope of finding places to land. Remarkably, one of these two reports of a mass exodus came before the Special Counsel in the Trump-Russia scandal was appointed this evening.

First word of the Trump staff exodus came early Wednesday afternoon when political insider Jon Cooper revealed that “A source told me at least 3-4 WH staffers are shopping around their resumes. Overpowering sense of gloom, waiting for the next shoe to drop” (link). This came definitively before Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein empowered Special Counsel Robert Mueller in the Trump-Russia investigation.

After the Special Counsel was named, the report of resumes being circulated was then repeated in a story on Wednesday night which was posted on the Chicago Tribune website but credited to the Washington Post (link). It’s not clear if the Tribune report was based on events before or after the Special Counsel was named. But it points to pandemonium within a White House that was already barely functioning, with staffers having already been caught hiding among the bushes and screaming at each other within earshot of reporters.

There have already been widespread rumors for the past week that Donald Trump is considering firing most or all of his White House senior staff, as he tries to lay the blame on them for his mounting failures and scandals. So at this point it’s no longer entirely clear how many of them have begun circulating their resumes because they think they’re about to get fired, and how many of them are simply trying to get off the Donald Trump White House ship before it sinks.

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Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report