Jared Kushner is even more screwed than we thought

The next Trump family holiday dinner is about to become even more awkward – that is, if they’re not all in prison by that time. It’s been revealed that Donald Trump’s lawyers tried to throw his own son-in-law Jared Kushner directly under the bus in an attempt at insulating Trump from his own Russia scandal. This comes after Kushner tried to throw his brother-in-law Donald Trump Jr under the bus for the same reason.

Some of Trump’s lawyers were so eager to scapegoat Kushner in the Russia scandal that they went so far as to write up the statement which would have announced Kushner’s decision to take the blame by resigning from the White House, according to a new Wall Street Journal report (link). This clearly never ended up happening, but it demonstrates just how much trouble Trump’s lawyers know their client is in. Moreover, it’s not the first such attempted backstabbing within the Trump family.

This summer it was revealed that Jared Kushner told authorities about Donald Trump’s Jr secret collusion meeting with the Russian government, in an attempt at getting himself off the hook for having lied about his own Russia meetings. It’s suspected that Paul Manafort was the one who told authorities about Kushner’s meetings in an attempt at getting himself off the hook in the Russia scandal. During the campaign, Donald Trump fired Manafort in an effort at scapegoating him for the Russia scandal.

Donald Trump, his family members, and his closest allies keep selling each other out in an attempt at passing the buck around in the Russia scandal. The cold hard reality is that they’re all guilty in the scandal. They might have done better to stick together and try to fend it off collectively. Instead, as it is, they’re all in a race to pin it on each other – and that’ll end up backfiring on most or all of them.

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