John McCain secured the intel exposing Donald Trump’s Russian prostitute blackmail scandal

It appears John McCain likes people who aren’t Russian traitors. In the wake of an explosive scandal alleging everything from Donald Trump in bed with Russian prostitutes in Moscow, to blackmail videos in possession of the Russian government, to Trump’s attorney allegedly meeting with Russia in secret before the election to try to make the whole thing go away, another shocking detail has emerged: it was Senator McCain who personally secured the intel documents exposing the scandal.

In something that reads like a bad international spy novel but turns out to be a very real story coming from leading British newspaper The Guardian, a member of the British intelligence community reached out to United States Senator John McCain a few weeks ago to make him aware of the intel document in question. In response, McCain “dispatched an emissary overseas” in order to meet with the foreign intelligence officer in question and secure a copy of it.

McCain then turned it over to the FBI, which subsequently brought the CIA and NSA on board, and the agencies jointly decided to brief President Barack Obama and Donald Trump on the matter. The briefings were then leaked to CNN, and hours later the report itself surfaced online, and it was off to the races. But this is all happening because of John McCain, who just happened to be one of Trump’s targets during the campaign.

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Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report