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Bill Palmer: Senior Editor and Founder


Bill is the founder of Palmer Report and covers political and social topics

Kevin Orr: Political Writer


Kevin covers politics from Austin, Texas

Kristjan Thorsteinson: Political Writer


Kristjan is a journalist focused on dark networks and espionage

Kevin Spann: Political Writer


Kevin covers southern U.S. politics from Alabama

Thom Palmer: Political Writer


Thom Palmer (no relation to Bill Palmer) covers political topics

Wendy Luxenburg: Political Writer


Wendy lives in Chicago and covers politics

Martha Carlton: Political Writer


Martha covers U.S. politics from Michigan


Palmer Report has built a growing and loyal audience based on the timeliness and accuracy of our reporting. At times we’ve been so early to a story that we’ve been questioned for it, only to be fully vindicated weeks or months later as the mainstream media finally caught up to the story. Just to set the record straight, we keep a running list.

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