Reza Zarrab was the final nail in the Michael Flynn coffin

It’s been obvious for the past two weeks to anyone who has been paying sufficiently close attention, and now it’s official. Michael Flynn didn’t simply decide to cut a plea deal against Donald Trump out of nowhere. He did it because someone else flipped on him. It’s the same guy who vanished just before the start of his own trial earlier this month: Reza Zarrab. This revelation provides numerous answers but raises even more questions.

Zarrab had spent all year sitting in U.S. federal prison awaiting trial on charges that he conspired with the government of Turkey to commit crimes against the United States. His case was tangentially related to the Trump-Russia scandal. He lived in Trump Towers Istanbul. He was represented at one point by Trump campaign adviser Rudy Giuliani. But the real connection here is that Zarrab and Michael Flynn both stand accused of conspiring with Turkey against the U.S., meaning Zarrab had enough inside information to take Flynn down.

Just as Zarrab’s trial was supposed to begin, he vanished. The dead giveaway was that no one involved seemed concerned about this development. The judge simply stated that he was delaying the proceedings a week, which confirmed that Zarrab hadn’t escaped or fled. Zarrab’s own attorney said he couldn’t comment, which meant that Zarrab had no complaints about whatever was playing out. As Palmer Report pointed out at the time, this meant โ€“ with near certainty โ€“ that Special Counsel Robert Mueller had cut a deal with Zarrab to testify against Michael Flynn and Michael Flynn Jr.

Sure enough, Bloomberg is reporting today that Reza Zarrab has officially cut a deal with the United States to testify against his co-conspirators in his own crimes (link). The article doesn’t mention Mueller or Flynn, but it doesn’t have to. Mueller wouldn’t have let Zarrab have the deal unless Zarrab was willing and able to take down Flynn. Flynn knew he and his son were hosed, so he cut a deal against Donald Trump.

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