Yet another key Donald Trump White House adviser resigns in controversy

During a press conference with Swedish Prime Minister, President Trump boasted that “everybody wants to work in the White House.” Well, that’s not so much the case with the latest top staff departure, Gary Cohn, the top economic adviser to President Trump. He took his leave today after days of behind the scenes feuding with Trump over trade tariffs on aluminum and steel. The two man could not agree on moving forward and beyond the trade wars Trump started and as a former Goldman Sacks guy and proponent of open trade this for Cohn became a “bridge too far”.

Some in the media are calling this an honorable exit, based on principle. It was reported that the rift between the two began after Charlottesville after Trump’s comments calling white supremacists “good people.” Cohnn, who is Jewish was able to set his hurt feelings aside and continue his push for the massive tax cut bill passed and signed into law last year. It seems that Mr. Cohn holds strong beliefs when it comes to money but is willing to bend principals when it comes to equality and social justice.

Joy Reid of MSNBC tweeted this in response to the news: “Gary Cohn’s resignation over Trump’s tariffs and protectionism is a reminder of the depth of corruption of Trumpism: its adherents will tolerate any moral outrage, so long as it doesn’t impact their money.” Gary Cohn, 58, is a registered Democrat but also a big donor to Republicans. He was in the White House for fourteen months and was considered as one of the so called “adults” in the administration.

His departure is a sign that Donald Trump is turning again towards his nationalistic policies that worked with his base during the campaign. Who will Donald Trump pick to replace Cohn? That’s an interesting question and not as simple as it appears. Perhaps a better question is: who would want to join this administration? Right now it looks that it is raining resignations in the Trump administration… if we really still have an administration.

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