With the nation erupting around him, aide says Donald Trump watched “Finding Dory” today

Now that Donald Trump has quickly become the most unpopular new president in American history, and millions of his own citizens are already out in the streets protesting against him, and a Constitutional crisis underway today with the Judicial Branch, one might think he’d be focusing in on the job. But instead, an aide says that Trump spent the day watching the movie “Finding Dory” in the White House screening room — a claim which another aide is now contradicting.

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The absurd revelation came when CBS News White House Correspondent Mark Knoller tweeted this afternoon that “In between foreign leader phone calls today, Pres Trump hosting a movie screening in the Family Theater. WH aide says it’s ‘Finding Dory.'” After social media users began reacting negatively to the idea that the president would take two hours to watch a movie in the middle of a national crisis on just his tenth day in office, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer finally contradicted the report six hours later, tweeting that “Actually he spent 60 seconds welcoming & thanking spouses & children of WH staff then right back to work: up next 7pm call w South Korea.”

It’s unclear whether Donald Trump actually did take two hours out of his schedule to watch Finding Dory at the White House. Sean Spicer can no longer be taken at his word, after having willfully lied about inauguration crowd size (he’s also so rattled that he inexplicably tweeted an Onion article about himself last night). And the unnamed aide wouldn’t have told the CBS reporter about the movie unless Trump had been, at the least, planning to watch Finding Dory today.

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