Donald Trump’s own handlers just went rogue against him

Pick a word. Senile. Aloof. Clueless. Delusional. Whichever one you want to go with, Donald Trump doesn’t have a clue what’s going on his own administration. Either he’s unable able to understand what he’s signing off on, or unable to remember, or his advisers are no longer even bothering to try to run the most major decisions past him. It’s gotten to the point that some of Trump’s own top people are now providing weapons for use in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine – to the Ukrainian side.

The Associated Press is reporting that the Trump administration is arming Ukrainian soldiers who are trying to fight back against Russia’s military aggression (link). This is the very last thing that Donald Trump would ever agree to, because it’s a top priority for his puppet master Vladimir Putin. In fact Putin cares about this so much, he had Trump rewrite the Republican Party platform specifically on this issue. So what’s going on here?

A move like this would not happen unless a major player in the Trump administration took the initiative, and several other top players signed off on it. At a minimum, Secretary of Defense James Mattis and National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster would need to be on board with this. They also would seemingly have needed Donald Trump’s approval, which would not have happened. Did they do it behind his back? Is he so far gone that they ran it past him and he had no idea what they were talking about?

In any case, it’s clear that multiple key advisers in the Trump administration are going rogue against Donald Trump. In fact Trump just tweeted that he was surprised to hear the FBI had reassigned top lawyer James Baker, two days after Trump had signed off on the move. Does he not remember? Does he not even know what his advisers are talking about anymore? As Trump continues to go downhill, it seems they’re all now just doing whatever they want.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report