Video shows Donald Trump making secret hand signal to Vladimir Putin just before their dinner meeting

Now that Donald Trump has been caught having a second G20 meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin and having failed to disclose it to the American public, details are pouring in as to what may have really been going on between the two. It’s known that during a private G20 meeting, Trump abandoned his own seat and walked to the other side of the table to spend an hour speaking with Putin. But here’s what Trump did just before he joined Putin.

Watch this very brief video clip below, which first aired on MSNBC and was then posted to Twitter by Daily Kos editor Jennifer Hayden:

If the above video won’t play, use this link. It shows Donald Trump pointing to Putin, then pointing to himself, then pointing back to Putin, and then pumping his fist twice in his own direction. This appears to have been some kind of secret hand signal in which Trump was letting Putin know that he was going to come to speak with him. Here’s what Palmer Report pointed out last night (link): “Each G20 leader was allowed to bring one translator to the dinner. Because Donald Trump was scheduled to be seated next to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, the U.S. arranged for Trump to bring a Japanese-speaking translator with him. But Vladimir Putin chose to bring an English-speaking translator with him.”


So it now appears that not only did Trump and Putin choreograph their dinner meeting before they even got to the dinner hall, they also had hand signals for communicating from across the table once they got to the dinner hall. The level of bizarreness regarding the Trump-Putin dinner meeting continues to grow more mystifying by the hour. As we also wrote last night (link), Trump’s explosive reaction after the reporting of the Putin meeting was a signal that it was even more nefarious than first imagined.

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