Devin Nunes demanded to know who unmasked U.S. citizens. Turns out the culprit was Devin Nunes.

Congressman-for-now Devin Nunes, who has all but derailed his career with a series of dishonest and unethical hijinks aimed at protecting Donald Trump from his Russia scandal, is in so much trouble that he’s had to remove himself from his committee’s Trump-Russia investigation entirely as the House Ethics Committee investigates him. Throughout his own downfall, Nunes kept demanding answers as to who had unmasked U.S. citizens during the 2016 election cycle. It turns out Nunes knew the answer in all too familiar fashion.

It was Devin Nunes himself who had asked the United States intelligence community to unmask the names of U.S. citizens in relation to the 2016 election, on at least five separate occasions in his role as House Intelligence Committee Chair. This is according to a stunning new Washington Post report (link) which reveals the full backstory. This means that for all the posturing Nunes went on to do in 2017 about how awful it was that anyone in government had unmasked U.S. citizens, he knew the whole time that he himself was one of the culprits.

This latest development continues to put the political future of Devin Nunes further in doubt. He’s up for reelection in 2018, and although he’s from a solidly Republican district, he’s become such a national embarrassment that it wouldn’t be a shock to see him unseated, either by a Republican primary challenge or by a Democratic challenger in the general election.

It further raises the question of what Nunes thought he was supposed to be getting out of all the antics he carried out on Donald Trump’s behalf. The answer continues to appear to be nothing at all. Trump put Nunes on the presidential transition team just to butter him up, and then proceeded to con him into self destructing in the name of running interference. Follow Palmer Report on Facebook and Twitter. If you’re a regular reader, feel free to support Palmer Report

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report