Here comes Donald Trump’s ugliest meltdown yet

Donald Trump has locked himself away in the White House residence, unable to attend his own bribery party tonight at Mar-a-Lago, and unwilling to show his face and offer any semblance of leadership in his government shutdown crisis, even as millions of Americans have taken to the streets to protest against him. He doesn’t want to be in the White House right now, doesn’t want to be in Washington DC, doesn’t want to be in the presidency anymore. Here it comes.

Trump, mentally unstable by nature and worsening by the day, is now backed into the kind of corner he can’t handle. He broke the government because he can’t negotiate a basic deal. Neither party can fix his mess because he doesn’t even know what he wants. Most of the public blames him for this debacle. In fact most of the public blames him for pretty much everything. Today’s second annual Women’s March is a reminder that he’s been rejected by more women than any man in history. He’s trapped inside the White House, which he sees as a prison.

Trump, or whichever of his dwindling number of advisers might have control of his Twitter account at this point, tried tweeting support for the Women’s March earlier today. That merely elicited a collective chuckle from the American mainstream. He tried blaming the Democrats for his shutdown, which didn’t catch on either. We all know what comes next.

Here comes Donald Trump’s ugliest meltdown yet. Maybe it’ll arrive late tonight, after Trump finishes getting hopped up on cocaine or Ambien or cheeseburgers or whatever it is that drives his occasional late night ranting on Twitter. Maybe it’ll arrive first thing tomorrow morning. But now that everything is going wrong for him that can possibly go wrong, it’ll be uglier than ever. Brace yourselves.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report