Two days before Jr met with Russia, Donald Trump announced he would imminently reveal dirt on Hillary Clinton

Donald Trump has now announced through his attorneys, and again through a White House press briefing, that he had no idea his son Donald Trump Jr. met with a Kremlin representative during the campaign to discuss dirt on Hillary Clinton. But in what essentially amounts to a public confession in hindsight, during a public speech just before his son’s meeting, Donald Trump bragged during a speech that he was just days away from having dirt on Clinton.

Donald Trump Jr. met with the Kremlin representative on June 9th, 2016, according to the New York Times. The Kremlin rep had told him in advance that they meeting would be to discuss dirt on Hillary Clinton. Two days before that meeting, on June 7th, Donald Trump said the following during his New Jersey primary victory speech: “I am going to give a major speech on probably Monday of next week and we’re going to be discussing all of the things that have taken place with the Clintons. I think you’re going to find it very informative and very, very interesting” (transcript: Time Magazine). The “Monday” in question would have been June 12th.

So to put the timeline together: sometime before June 9th, the Kremlin rep told Donald Trump Jr that she would be giving him dirt on Hillary Clinton during their June 9th meeting. Then just before that meeting took place, Donald Trump publicly announced he would be revealing dirt on Hillary Clinton on June 12th. Then Trump Junior went into that Kremlin meeting and failed to get any dirt on Hillary. And then on June 12th, Trump Senior failed to reveal any dirt.

Trump’s own words here are nearly a smoking gun proving that his own son told him they would imminently have dirt on Hillary Clinton from the Kremlin. It’s clear that Trump was already planning to publicly unveil that dirt once the weekend was over.

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