Donald Trump’s top two military advisers are afraid to leave the country at the same time

Donald Trump’s status as a puppet of the Russian government, his increasingly erratic behavior, and the rising likelihood that he’ll be Constitutionally ousted, have all served to make mainstream Americans concerned about how Trump’s behavior might escalate. It turns out they’re in good company, as it’s been now revealed that top two military advisers are afraid to leave the country at the same time, for fear of what might happen.

Buried way down in the nineteenth paragraph of a new article from the Associated Press (link) is one of the more startling revelations of late. When retired General James “Mad Dog” Mattis agreed to become Donald Trump’s Secretary of Defense, and retired General John Kelly agreed to become Trump’s Director of Homeland Security, they made a pact with each other. Or as the AP puts it, “one of them should remain in the United States at all times.”

That’s a diplomatic way of saying that Trump is too deranged to be left alone, which is nothing short of stunning. It means that Mattis and Kelly knew from the start just how erratic and unstable Donald Trump would end up being. It also suggests that they only agreed to take these roles out of some kind of sense of duty to the country, for fear that Trump would do even more harm to America if he didn’t have some kind of adult supervision in place. It further points to Kelly only having agreed to become Trump’s White House Chief of Staff this week – a job for which he has no qualifications – in order to keep a closer eye on a crumbling Trump.

While it’s now a near guarantee that Donald Trump’s failed presidency will end far short of the four year mark, it’s anyone’s guess as to whether it’ll be because he resigns in frustration, or cuts a prosecution deal to resign, or is removed Constitutionally. If it’s the latter, there’s no telling what harm Trump might try to resentfully do on his way out. But at least now we know that Trump’s top two military advisers know he’s deranged, and are keeping close tabs on him just in case. If you find Palmer Report valuable, make a donation.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report