Donald Trump heads back to Washington DC without Melania

Donald and Melania Trump traveled to the Trump-owned golf resort in New Jersey this weekend so that Donald could attend the LPGA golf tournament that was taking place on his golf course. But while Donald flew home to Washington DC on Air Force One this evening with Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner in tow, Melania was apparently nowhere to be seen.

That’s the word according to Laura Rozen, a Washington DC based reporter for major Middle Eastern publication Al-Monitor. Here’s what Rozen shared: “Jared Kushner and Ivanka seen by WH press pool with Trump in forward cabin on AF1 trip back from NJ to Andrews tonight, if understood, melania stayed back with Barron, not seen on the flight” (link). There is no official word yet on why Donald Trump headed home without Melania, but under the circumstances, it’s bound to set off all the alarms.

For all we know it could end up being something as simple, hypothetically, as Barron catching the flu and not being able to travel, and Melania remaining with him. But considering how the relationship between Donald and Melania has played out over the past six months, it raises suspicion. After he moved to the White House, she remained in New York for several months. It was supposedly so Barron could finish the school year. But considering that Donald didn’t visit them once at Trump Tower the entire time, it’s long been suspected that this a mere excuse on Melania’s part to get away from him.

And now, in the midst of an exploding collusion scandal that’s swallowed members of the Trump family this week and threatens to tear everything apart, suddenly Donald is heading back to Washington DC while Melania has remained at a Trump property all the way up in New Jersey. All eyes will be on her tomorrow to see if she ends up back at the White House after all, or if perhaps she’s headed back to Trump Tower in New York.