Donald Trump’s attorney appears to come out in favor of seceding from the union

Donald Trump’s attorneys defending him in the Russia scandal seem to be engaged in an ongoing race with each other to see who can embarrass themselves the most thoroughly. There’s the one who sent late night threats to a stranger. There’s the one who keeps going on television and arguing with himself. There’s the one who had to hire an attorney of his own. And then there’s John Dowd, the Trump attorney who appears to have just come out in favor of seceding from the union.

Earlier today Dowd forwarded an email to government officials and journalists that the New York Times is characterizing as “secessionist Civil War propaganda” according to the New York Times (link). The propaganda insisted Robert E. Lee should be viewed the same as George Washington, similar to the sentiment that Donald Trump himself said during his Tuesday speech. But what may be most striking here is that Dowd is supposed to be defending Trump in his Russia scandal.

Yet now it appears that Donald Trump’s Russia attorney is being tasked with trying to handle Trump’s public relations on all political matters. That may be out of necessity, considering that Trump’s White House is once again lacking a Communications Director, and that the position has cumulatively sat empty for a longer period of time than any individual has occupied it.

But still, if Donald Trump is reduced to relying on his Russia scandal lawyers to push propaganda that advocates seceding from the union, it points to a multilayered train wreck that almost defies description. In any case John Dowd may have now outdone his fellow Trump-Russia lawyer Marc Kasowitz, who aimed an “I know where you live” threat at a random detractor, and Jay Sekulow, whose performance on cable news was so awful that host Chris Wallace was left muttering “Oh boy this is weird.”

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