Treasury Department’s financial crimes unit is giving up Donald Trump’s money laundering records

Last month FinCEN, the financial crimes unit of the United States Treasury Department, agreed to give the Senate Intelligence Committee access to the financial records it has on Donald Trump. Then earlier this month the committee publicly complained that the Treasury hadn’t yet cooperated. But after the Senate blocked the appointment of FinCEN’s new boss, it’s now agreed to give up the records – and they could end up taking Trump down.

The financial crimes unit is turning over its financial records in relation to Donald Trump’s business, according to a CNN report (link). As Palmer Report was the first to report back on April 15th (link), the Treasury FinCEN division busted the Trump Taj Mahal casino for money laundering back in the spring of 2015. This was announced in a press release on the FinCEN website (link), but it only became a part of the Senate’s Trump-Russia investigation after our research team dug it up and publicized it.

The Senate Intel Committee is now looking to get to the bottom of the money laundering bust, which came at a time when Donald Trump was still part owner of the Taj Mahal. The punishment came in the form of a $10 million civil fine, and the press release did not state the nationality of the individuals who were laundering money through the casino. There is widespread suspicion, but not yet publicly available proof, that the Russians were the culprits, and that Trump knew about it. In sufficiently large dollar amounts, it would be impossible for a casino not to be aware of money laundering taking place on its floor.

So now that the Senate has managed to twist the Treasury Department’s arm into turning over the money laundering records in question, it should allow the Senate Intel Committee to follow the money and determine the identities and motives of those who were laundering the money at Trump’s casino, as well as Donald Trump’s connection to those individuals. If you’re a regular reader, feel free to support Palmer Report

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