Sean Spicer has another Twitter accident, tweets private message about how tough things are

Sean Spicer has one job as White House Press Secretary: communicate effectively to the media and the public. But during his time on the job he’s had a difficult go of it interacting with reporters in press briefings, and an even more difficult time communicating online. Twice he’s tweeted his own password. One time he thought a parody article about him from The Onion was real. And now he’s publicly tweeted what was apparently supposed to have been a private text message to staff.

“Tomorrow am is tough,” Spicer tweeted on Tuesday night from his @seanspicer account on Twitter. “Are you folks in touch with our radio team?” This was clearly meant as some kind of internal communication, and after Twitter users immediately began making fun of him for having made the mistake, he deleted it less than a minute later. But after receiving a text alert, Palmer Report made a screen capture of Spicer’s idiotic tweet.


Note the blue checkmark above, confirming that it’s really Spicer. And so thanks to the ongoing incompetence of Sean Spicer, we now know that Donald Trump’s White House believes that things are going to be tough for it on Wednesday morning. Either that, or the pressure of the job has now resulted in Spicer just tweeting random nonsensical public complaints to no one in particular. Contribute to Palmer Report

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