Hillary Clinton rips into Donald Trump

It’s been a rather surreal week for Hillary Clinton. She’s kept quiet while Vanity Fair attacked her in a ludicrous and sexist manner, even as Donald Trump has tried to insert himself into the Vanity Fair situation in an even more ludicrous and sexist manner. However, Hillary is drawing the line over Trump’s ridiculous attacks on the FBI, and the manner in which he’s been trying to falsely connect certain FBI officials to her. When Hillary finally let loose today, she didn’t hold back.

Respected law professor Laurence Tribe posted this tweet yesterday: “Retweet if you agree it’s totally crazy to suggest that the FBI — having helped sink Hillary’s campaign by revealing that she was under investigation while concealing that Trump was being investigated — has secretly been anti-Trump all along.” Tens of thousands of people retweeted it. Today, Hillary Clinton joined them by retweeting it herself. Hillary chooses her words very carefully, so let’s take a look at what she’s really saying here.

Retweets don’t automatically count as endorsements. But in this instance Professor Tribe specifically said “Retweet if you agree,” so there’s no question Hillary was co-signing his words. He said that it’s “totally crazy” to believe that the FBI somehow rigged things for Hillary. Yet Trump has repeatedly made precisely that claim. In other words, Hillary just agreed that Trump is “totally crazy.”

Hillary Clinton is also taking the opportunity here to remind Americans that the FBI did in fact willfully rig the election in Donald Trump’s favor. It spent the entire election making the public believe she was under serious criminal investigation, when it knew all along that she had done nothing wrong with her emails, and that its own email investigation was a partisan farce. The FBI lied to voters eleven days before the election by falsely claiming she was newly under investigation when she absolutely was not. But most inexcusably, the FBI spent the entire election concealing that Donald Trump was under investigation for a treasonous criminal conspiracy.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report