Donald Trump totally blows it

Donald Trump’s allies spent the week leading up to Christmas trying to hand him a gift. Trump decided that his number one enemy is FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, based on nothing more than fiction from Fox News. Nonetheless, Trump’s goons in Congress tried to serve up McCabe on a platter so Trump could fire him. Then at the last minute McCabe revealed he’s a witness in the obstruction case against Trump, meaning he can’t be fired after all. Trump responded by losing his cool and totally blowing it.

After being informed that he can’t fire Mcacabe after all, Trump went berserk and began threatening McCabe’s pension on Twitter. This meets the legal definition of witness tampering, and he was dumb enough to do it in public. This led legal exports to point out that he’d blown it – and some of them couldn’t help but rub it in.

Congressman Ted Lieu, who has a legal background as a JAG prosecutor in the Air Force, summed it up this way: “[email protected] has tweeted quite a bit about career FBI official Andrew McCabe, who could be called as a witness against Trump in an Obstruction of Justice case. Trump’s Twitter feed is the gift that keeps on giving. Merry Christmas Robert Mueller.” Lieu included a meme of Mueller saying “You know I can see your tweets, right?”

Legal expert Richard Painter put it this way: “Using Twitter on Christmas Eve to intimidate a witness (McCabe) in a criminal investigation is not a very Christian way to celebrate the holiday. But it does make Mr. Mueller’s job easier and that’s a nice thing to do. Merry Christmas!”

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report