Trump adviser says Donald Trump is too senile to know what he’s doing

Earlier today, Donald Trump retweeted a disturbing image of himself with the CNN logo splattered on the bottom of his shoe. There has been some debate among the public as to whether the CNN logo is supposed to be a splattered bug or a puddle of blood. Either way, the image was violently inappropriate. Now one Trump adviser is trying to defend the move by suggesting that Trump is simply too senile to know what he’s doing.

CNN’s Jake Tapper interpreted the image in this manner: “CNN-labeled blood on the sole of his shoe. Retweeted by the President of the United States on Christmas Eve.” This led Trump adviser Jason Osborne to respond with “Seriously Jake Tapper? 1)it looks like a bug as it clearly has eyes and 2) isn’t it possible that he didn’t even notice the bottom of his shoe and instead saw a picture that he liked of himself? You don’t have to make everything about your network.”

In other words, Osborne is trying to sell us on the idea that it’s not Trump’s fault he retweeted the violent image, because he’s too addle-brained to even understand what it was that he was retweeting. This prompted Jake Tapper to fire back: “The president retweeted an image of blood labeled ‘CNN’ on the sole of his shoe. I noted it. Trump Adviser now faults *me* for ‘making this about’ CNN. God bless us, everyone.”

The bottom line is this: Donald Trump has become so senile over the past few months, everyone knows it. The public can see it in his crumbling words and deteriorating behavior. His own advisers know it as well, and they selectively use it as an excuse for his most demented behavior. Was the image a squished bug of a puddle of blood? It doesn’t matter. Either way, Trump was promoting violence against CNN. For that alone he must be impeached.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report