Pro-Donald Trump rally outside White House draws tens of people

The “March For Truth” campaign saw rallies and protests against Donald Trump today in more than a hundred cities across the United States – including one at the Washington Monument in Washington DC, which drew thousands of attendees. The Trump administration tried to counter this by organizing a pro-Trump rally outside the White House in Lafayette Square. But turnout among Trump supporters was abysmal.

Here’s a video captured by multimedia journalist Alejandro Alvarez at 10:01am eastern time, one minute after the officially scheduled start time for the pro-Trump rally outside the White House:

The video reveals that perhaps twenty to thirty Donald Trump supporters were in attendance at the time the rally began. Additional people can be seen behind the rally on bicycles and on foot, but they were clearly paying no attention to the rally and were just passing through. Meanwhile, this was the scene from the March For Truth rally against Trump, less than a mile away:

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Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report