Donald Trump finally awakens from his Sunday stupor and has a total conniption

Donald Trump spent Saturday in a total panicked frenzy, posting several dozen tweets and retweets in an effort to… well, who really knows with this guy anymore. But on Sunday morning he was apparently hung over from having been a bad luck charm for Alabama football, and he didn’t begin his Twitter meltdown until nearly lunchtime. Since then he’s been trying to make up for lost time.

Once Donald Trump finally woke up from his stupor on Sunday, he strangely began attacking the media for not paying more attention to Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual abuse of underage girls. That’s bizarre when you consider that Trump and Epstein were close friends, and numerous media reports document the wild parties that Trump and Epstein used to throw together. Is this really a can of worms that Trump wants to open again?

But Trump was just getting started. He went completely berserk because he’s not being allowed to call nonsense witnesses during House impeachment hearings. Then he tweeted a lengthy Lindsey Graham quote that’s too incoherent and deranged to even bother trying to parse.

The bottom line is that we’re now less than forty-eight hours from the start of televised impeachment hearings against Donald Trump, and he keeps making clear that he doesn’t have anything close to a viable strategy for fighting back against it. Impeachment poll numbers keep rising. Trump’s House GOP stooges keep striking out with their antics. No wonder Trump can’t make up his mind whether to sit and pout in silence for long stretches, or periodically have a total conniption.