Donald Trump has been served a subpoena to turn over his obscene Apprentice tapes

Donald Trump’s obscene, sexist and racist outtakes from The Apprentice have become the stuff of legend. The tapes exist, and some outsiders claim to have seen them, but everyone involved has refused to officially make them public. Now, a sexual assault case filed last year by a former Apprentice contestant has finally resulted in a subpoena being served to Trump and his campaign. That subpoena appears to cover the tapes in question.

Summer Zervos and her attorney Gloria Allred filed the suit against Donald Trump after the Access Hollywood tape surfaced of Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women. Zervos is seeking to forcibly expose all available evidence of Trump’s longtime pattern of sexual harassment and sexual assault. According to reporting from BuzzFeed and NBC News (link), the subpoena has in fact been served. That means, by legal definition, that a judge signed off on the subpoena after having ruled that the evidence is relevant.

Trump’s people are still trying a last ditch motion to dismiss, in the hope of getting the subpoena thrown out. But that seems unlikely, considering that a judge decided the subpoena was worthy to begin with. Because Zervos has stated that her goal is to publicly expose Trump, rather than getting a monetary judgment against him, the logical outcome of this is that the evidence in question will be made public.

Based on the manner in which the Apprentice tapes have been described by those who claim to have seen them, and by those who claim to have witnessed the tapings in person, these tapes represent Exhibit A in Donald Trump’s pattern of sexual harassment and sexual assault – so they fall within the scope of the subpoena that has been served to Trump. It’s another story as to whether the Apprentice tapes documenting Trump’s racist remarks would also have to be turned over.

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