Donald Trump’s frustrated handlers make startling admission about him

Donald Trump is several things, none of them good. He’s a career criminal who has gone broke, and who is fully under the thumb of the foreign criminals who control him financially. He’s long been suffering from mental problems, which various medical professionals have diagnosed from afar as being malignant narcissism, sociopathy, or a combination of the two. He’s more recently begun suffering from worsening senility, acting in more inexplicable fashion than ever. It’s that last part that has his frustrated handlers making a startling admission.

Trump’s handlers have clearly spent the past several months trying to insulate him as his condition worsens. They keep him from doing more than a rare handful of interviews. They sit by his side whenever he does give interviews, so they can try to intervene whenever he goes off the rails. In recent interview transcripts it’s become clear that they can no longer control him when he begins rambling incoherently or making confessions. Now it turns out they can’t control him at all.

Over the weekend the New York Times posted a startlingly senile interview with Trump. Based on the transcript it didn’t appear any of his handlers were in the room, with his pal Christopher Ruddy of Newsmax sitting in instead. Now the Washington Post (link) is reporting that none of Trump’s handlers even knew the interview was happening. In other words, Ruddy took advantage of his friendship with Trump and set up the interview for unknown reasons, perhaps in order to curry favor with the Times; he’s often quoted by major news outlets when they write profiles of Trump from afar.

The truly disturbing part of the WaPo reporting: one of Donald Trump’s handlers was exasperated to learn that the interview had even taken place. Another of Trump’s handlers admitted that it was “embarrassing.” That’s a startling admission, considering that Trump’s own people are now publicly admitting that they can’t control him, and they’re embarrassed by what he’s getting himself into when they’re not around. This describes a person who isn’t well enough to leave the house on his own, let alone occupy the office of President of the United States.

Bill Palmer is the publisher of the political news outlet Palmer Report